AWS Tools for PowerShell

AWS Tools for Powershell

In this step, you will install AWS Tools on your local machine.

Windows OS

Configure SSH Keys

Set AccessKey, SecretKey and SessionToken to workshop profile

If you are using the account supplied in a workshop, go to and configure your client to work with the account with the following commands:

macOS (without Powershell)


Verify your client with:

## Windows powershell
Get-FSXFileSystem -ProfileName workshop -region eu-west-1

## MacOS CLI
aws fsx describe-file-systems --profile workshop --region eu-west-1

Good output:

PS > Get-FSXFileSystem -ProfileName workshop -region eu-west-1

CreationTime         : 4/7/2019 8:38:38 AM
DNSName              :
FailureDetails       :
FileSystemId         : fs-08b8d7a080cd06987
FileSystemType       : WINDOWS
KmsKeyId             : arn:aws:kms:eu-west-1:761306897638:key/fd7ea1f9-3a72-4a57-9e06-f7c090248fc5
Lifecycle            : AVAILABLE
LustreConfiguration  :
NetworkInterfaceIds  : {eni-0719ee90e8be02208}
OwnerId              : 761306897638
ResourceARN          : arn:aws:fsx:eu-west-1:761306897638:file-system/fs-08b8d7a080cd06987
StorageCapacity      : 500
SubnetIds            : {subnet-00b73284269c627d7}
Tags                 : {aws:cloudformation:stack-name, aws:cloudformation:logical-id, aws:cloudformation:stack-id,
VpcId                : vpc-00c4f4a70e48874c6
WindowsConfiguration : Amazon.FSx.Model.WindowsFileSystemConfiguration