Welcome to the MS-SQL Availability Group Workshop


In this workshop you will learn how to build MS-SQL on EC2 in a well architected fashion.

The workshop is covering the best practices for deploying MS-SQL on EC2 that you can find in AWS windows user guide and in AWS whitepaper

In this workshop you will deep dive into ways to leverage AWS NVMe drives (locally attached storage) and Amazon EBS Volume striping with Windows Storage Spaces to get more performance & cost effectiveness without compromising on High Availability.

Main goals

After completing the workshop, you should:

  • Be familiar with AWS Directory Service and Amazon FSX for Windows File Server
  • Understand how to automate and remotely manage Windows Server
  • Be able to build a well-architected self-managed MS-SQL cluster on AWS
  • Be able to explore ways to use AWS System Manager to run scripts on servers
  • Understand the value of Local NVMe drives and how to use them to get more performance
  • Understand the value of striping gp2 and how to automate the process
  • Be able to build a full solution for Basic Always On Availability Group with MS-SQL Standard Edition